CmController 6 Compact: Our classic measuring system in two versions

The CmController 6 Compact

The CmC6 is our entry-level model for determining the positioning accuracy of SMT systems. Its proven design offers a cost-effective way to analyze and optimize the accuracy behavior of the manufacturing process and to detect error causes early. We offer the CmC6 in two software versions.

  • Dimensions: approx. 620 x 600 x 1420 mm
  • Working height: approx. 1200 mm
  • Weight: approx. 120 kg
  • Two-axis system
  • Working range: approx. 290 x 210 mm
  • Max. size of the measuring plate: approx. 350 x 240 mm
  • Manual clamping of measuring plates by means of magnetic bars
  • Camera system with telecentric optics and an image field size of 6 x 5 mm
  • Transmitted light illumination
  • Wheel system

The Basic Level of CmCStat6.0 allows the planning, analysis and archiving of measurements.

  • Suitable for determining the positioning accuracy of:
    • SMT placement
    • SMT dispensers
  • Guaranteed traceability of measurement results through documentation of the lines and machine configuration in a database
  • Individual test plan design with regular arrangement of the test points
  • Use of real and ideal chip components and glass dummies
  • Consideration of different head/nozzle configurations for test planning and evaluation
  • Support in finding the causes for deviations
    • Grouping of measured values by gantry, heads, angles, etc.
    • Extensive graphical representation of measured values
  • Calculation of capability parameters according to the percentile method
  • Support of different distribution models
  • Easy creation of test reports in PDF format
  • Export of measured values as CSV

In the Expert Level the range of functions is extended. Here is a comparison between Basic and Expert Level.

Vision software for carrying out the measurement.

  • Highly accurate and robust correlation algorithms
  • Improved angle measurement on chip components

The measuring accuracy is checked by means of a calibrated measuring plate of type MPL00 based on IPC 9850, which fulfils the requirements mentioned there with regard to measuring instrument capability and reproducibility for the following process limits to be verified.

The measuring speed depends largely on the underlying test layout. For this reason, the following information refers to the measurement with the MPL00, which is also used to prove the measuring instrument capability. For the test the vision software CmCVis2 is started and the measuring plate zero point is defined.

Comparison CmC9 and CmC6

Info PDF CmC6 Basic

Info PDF CmC6 Expert